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Aftab -e- Jingha

King prawns marinated in pressed hung yogurt with root ginger, garlic chilli paste. Finished with fresh coriander, mint, curry leaves and fenugreek powder. Skewer grilled in the tandoor, served with jalmuri (puffed rice salad) and Tomato chutney.


Aloo Barwan

Spiced potato and roasted ground peanut patties stuffed with medium cheese, fresh coriander, Served with tamarind and tomato chutney.


Crab Cake

Claw meat sautéed with root ginger, curry leaf and green Chillies, coated with bread Crumbs. Deep-fried to a golden brown, served with plum chutney, pickling shaved cucumber and red Mooli.


Trio Murgh

Free range chicken in three different flavours.

Shabnami Murgh Tikka- breast marinated in hung yogurt with black salt, red chiilies, cumin and kasturi massla.
Gulmohor Tangri- Drumstick with roasted cashew nuts and tumaric.
Hyderabadi kabbab- minced Chicken with ground fresh mint, coriander, chilli and onions

All Cooked in the tandoor to perfection, served with mint coriander chutney.




Chicken Chettinad

A traditional dish of Tamil Nadhu. Free range chicken cooked with roasted coconut, fennel seeds, curry leaves and red chillies.


Goan Duck Vindaloo

Devonshire Creedy Carver duck breast, marinated and roasted. Served with turmeric flavoured bandh gobi and pickling vindaloo.


Railway Nalli Gosht

Directly from the days of the Raj, it is served in first class Indian railways. Lamb Shank curry slow cooked with star anise, mace, cassia bark, tomatoes and cashew nut paste.


Kottyam Meen Curry

Winner of South Asian Chef Competition 2015
A popular dish from Kerala, Pan seared Sea bass served with spicy and tangy Sauce of dehydrated Kudam Puli (Garcinia Cambogia), green chillies, curry leaves and coconut. Served with Stafordshire wilted palak.


Shatkora Mangsho

Winner of South Asian Chef Competition 2015
A very popular Bengali curry, Wiltshire diced goat meat cooked with Garam Masala, brown onions, nutmeg powder and Shatkora (wild Orange). Garnished with fresh cilantro


Kolapuri Murgh

Winner of South Asian Chef Competition 2015
From the Kolapur district of the Maharashthra. Free range chicken cooked with roasted coconut, cashew nuts, poppy seed, garam masala and Sun-dried red chillies paste. Finished with Nutmeg.


King Prawn Jalfrezi

King prawns cooked in a sauce of onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with our Chef’s unique Jalfrezi masala, sprinkled with fresh chopped coriander.


Murgh Makhni

Marinated tandoor cooked free range Chicken in a Tomato and Cashew nut gravy with whole garam masala and tempered with dehydrated kasturi methi leaves.


Hydhrabadi Chicken Korma

Free range Chicken cooked in freshly desiccated coconut, cashew nut paste. Flavoured with green cardamom, cinnamon and clarified butter milk condensed.


Macher Jhull

Healthy dish winner of South Asian Chef Competition 2013
Fresh Cod fillet cooked with tomatoes, fresh coriander and garlic. Resting on a bed of aloo bhaji


Chicken Jalfrezi

Cooked in a sauce of onions, tomatoes and bell peppers with our Chef’s unique Jalfrezi masala, sprinkled with fresh chopped coriander.


Alleppy King Prawn

From the back waters of Kerala, King Prawns cooked with mustard seeds, curry leaves and coconut milk. Finished with raw mango for sour note.



Nawabi Goat Biryani

Saffron flavoured basmati rice, cooked with goat meat in biryani masala, flavoured with fresh mint leaf and coriander, served in a sealed pot, accompanied with Paya sauce and Raitha.


King Prawn Biryani

Saffron flavoured basmati rice cooked with fresh king prawns and biryani masala in a sealed pot. Served with fish jhol and Raitha.



Panner Jalfrezi

Cooked with fresh onion, tomatoes and bell peppers. Finished with homemade pickle masala and fresh Coriander.


Bombay Aloo

Baby potatoes cooked with onion Masala gravy flavoured with Panch puran; Finished with fresh coriander.


Khumb Palak

Fresh button mushrooms and spinach, tempered with garlic and fresh coriander. Medium spiced.


Tadka Dal

Lentils slowly cooked and tempered with aromatic spices


Saag Paneer

Sautéed spinach tampered with chopped garlic, fresh coriander and Home-made Cottage Cheese cubes.


Kadai Bindi

Okra tampered with onions, chopped garlic, fresh coriander and Home-made Kadai masala



Surkh Machli

Scottish Salmon marinated with ground spices, roasted fresh tomato and red pepper emulsion. Served with Mint chutney, Red sorrels, micro herbs.


Shambukh Moille

Winning dish of South Asian Chef Competition 2014
Marinated and seared Devonshire hand dived Scallops in a coconut sauce infused with crushed ginger juice and curry leaves.


Dhuadar Chop

Authentic tandoor dish from Udaipur, Mature Lamb Chops marinated in a roasted red chilli paste and Vine tomato puree. With pressed hung yogurt and Malt vinegar, smoked with black cardamom and cloves, Mint coriander chutney and Chana salad.



Home made pastry filled with sautéed market vegetables. Flavoured with assorted spices and deep fried, Served with tamarind and tomato chutney.



Steamed Basmati Rice


Pulao Rice


Mushroom Pulao Rice



Plain Naan


Garlic and Coriander Naan


Kesar Peshwari Naan


Tandoori Roti